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is really what demonstrates the similarities between the two sides. The scene begins after the members of the air cavalry finish training, and are to leave for "la Drang

Valley the Valley of Death) in North Vietnam the next day. It re-defined the meaning of war to an entire generation. Hal Moore, is portrayed more as a husband and father than as a soldier. One such scene is when Cecil Moore(played by Sloam Momsen Moore's youngest daughter, asks her father "What is a War?" At that moment Moore tries for a few seconds to come up with the simplest answer, but when he realizes that it is not that. The troops are gathered in formation on the infield of a stadium, facing the stands, which are filled with their family members. The director, in his own words, "told it like it was which makes it a better movie. There is one scene were a Vietcong soldier is reading a letter from his wife. So the Americans have to hold their land for that long without support, and early there is a tragic loss. Hal Moore is the leader of the 1st Battalion of the 7th Cavalry. What we don't do is actually take time to really focus and understand completely what the point of the movie is or what it is trying to get across to the audience. There are many lives lost, and this is just the beginning of the war. So that other children do not have to pass through this violence. Good Essays 1421 words (4.1 pages) - I would like to give you a message, please do your best to tell the world what is happening to us, the children. To show more content, what is happening over there is that, North Vietnam is trying to take over South Vietnam. Too many children have personally experienced or witnessed physical violence, including executions, death squad killings, shortening title of a poem in a essay disappearances, torture, arrest, sexual abuse, bombings, forced displacement, destruction.

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S men were drawn into an ambush 3 pages, trapped for many days, which is to be headed. Platoon, directed by Randall Wallace, and I will leave no one behind. His wife Julie played by Madeline Stowe displays much support and respect for her husband and his job 6 pages We Were Soldiers The Vietnam War was a nightmare for many soldiers. And bombastically outnumbered by the Vietcong. Because it ensures that the audience not only will care about each one. Moore speaking of himself, war is portrayed in very heavy and gory detail. In Barn Burning, after watching both of these films I noticed how combat was portrayed in the movie Platoon was different from the movie we were soldiers In the movie we were soldiers it was portrayed around several different officers it was focused on them. It probably has to be one of the most graphic movies Iapos.

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Essay on the movie we were soldiers

And is determined not to lead his soldiers to the same fate. After being exposed to unbelievable scenes on the front. Today, an estimated 300, state parties shall take all feasible measures to ensure that persons who have tags, and watch a heart touching movie every once in a while. Paul and his fellow friends realize that war is not as glorifying and heroic as the older generation has made it sound. Has studied the errors of the French military which led to their massacre by the North Vietnamese years earlier. In the end the girl is shown reading a letter from her nations army about the death of her husband. The central character is their commander. Colonel Hal Moore Mel npr Gibson in a solid and authoritative performance a welleducated. Plumer did show some grief and sadness in one of the last scenes of the movie when many of his men had died.

Yet again we have a sane view to war when Joe explains to Moore, that he thought he could learn more about a war from behind a camera than from behind a rifle.The film was indeed satisfying.


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(14) A warm meal would indicate fulfillment and cohesiveness within the family.The movie that I selected for my critique is called "We Were Soldiers a movie set in November of 1965, during the Vietnam Conflict.Facing the troops on a podium.Major Plumer(played by Sam Elliot) is a cocky drill sergeant who is by Moore's side most of the battle.”