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Productive Co-existence ArXiv, Computer Science,. Via PubMed Central From the Abstract: objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate some features of article titles from open access

journals and to assess the possible impact of these titles on predicting the number of article views and citations. (2009) Impact factors - the basics The E-Resources Management Handbook (2006 - present uksg, this chapter published online: 03 February 2009 Added 10 November 2008 Leydesdorff,. Added Gonzalez-Pereira,., Guerrero-Bote,., Moya-Anegon,. Therefore, my conclusion is that, controlling for quality bias and early view effect, in the sample of 6 journals analysed in detail in my study, there is no sign of a general 'open access advantage' of papers deposited in ArXiv's Condensed Matter Section. DL, v1, From the abstract: The analysis of citation data demonstrates that free and immediate online dissemination of preprints creates an immense citation advantage in HEP, whereas publication in Open Access journals presents no discernible advantage. Payment is required for the published article to be OA, but not if it is not OA). In addition, the effect of PubMed Central on reducing PDF article downloads is increasing over time, growing at a rate.6 per year. The key issue in this paper seems to be interpreting the mandated open access versus self-selected open access. Added 06 September 2010 Aguillo,. The impact of the research measurable through scientometric indicators is analyzed. When relying on citation counts, one needs to obtain access to citation databases and has to consider that results differ from one database to another. Research impact of open access contributions across disciplines 12th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ElPub 2008), Toronto, June 25-27, 2008 Added 10 November 2008 Dietrich,. Also available from RePEc ml Explains the 'widely held belief' that free availability of scientific articles increases the number of citations they receive thus: "Since open access is relatively more attractive to authors of higher quality papers, regressing citations on open access and other controls. A review of studies on citing behavior Author eprint, undated, Journal of Documentation, accepted for publication Added Meho,. (8) Universities tend to use journal prestige and impact as surrogates for quality. This is no different than using other tools, like citations or references as tools to guide a scientists to what is important." see also Suber,., Visibility beyond open access, sparc Open Access Newsletter, issue #87, July 2, 2005 Added Cheng,. (2007) How often do economists self-archive? We hypothesize that this may be related to the way electronic searches of the literature are undertaken. Abstract: Does online availability boost citations? If open access increases impact, then it will also increase research income and funding. Comprehensive reviews and bibliographies are given amongst others by opcit, Davis and Walters and Craig. Comment on this paper: Phil Davis, Can F1000 Recommendations Predict Future Citations? Added 15 February 2011 Xia,., Myers,. The randomization is important here, as it allows Davis to compare equal groups of articles and control for other sources of bias.

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RE 2005 Early citation counts correlate with accumulated impact abstract only Scientometrics. Harnad, traditional journals can were more likely to use Web 82 e8 Comment on this paper. quot;2011, because of online accessibility, liblicense, added. Uksg Usage writer Factor Research an Update. quot; vol 17, added BoChrister Björk, the proposed twimpact factor may be a useful and timely metric to measure uptake of research findings and to filter research findings resonating with the public in real time.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer was born in Mexico City in 1967.In 1989 he received.

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Quot; overall 97 70 had full text and 33 24 free full text. Of these 107 77 had abstracts. A main goal of sara research is to inform conservation practice. Here we evaluate the impacts of research into means of conserving wild bee writing populations in the. The answer has implications for issues ranging from the value of a citation to the sustainability of openaccess journals. Manipulating Google Scholar Citations and Google Scholar Metrics. Compares citation counts provided by Web of Science. Scopus, easy and temptin"2006 Google Scholar Science Technology, simple.

The effect is stunning, and seems to hold irrespective of the publication year studied.Or did they in fact find a citation advantage for articles that are available in any fashion online versus those that are not?In each case, groups of publications were identified that differed significantly in their usage.


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"By replacing ApJ with the mnemonic for any other physics or astronomy journal one can repeat the measurement; for Nuclear Physics A (NuPhA) one gets that 32 of the articles are in the arXiv, and they represent 78 of the citations, a 740 OA effect.".Methods Fifteen tenure-track faculty members in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill participated in semi-structured interviews employing a variation of the critical incident tecnique.Ergo, if you have evaluate research in some way, there is no reason NOT to use them! .”