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a look at this clipping from a "green" directory site: Great News! And a specific list of 9 distinct inaccuracies must be included in the warning. . Most of the best research has been performed in the last 3 years, and strongly supports the notion that CO2 plays little role in global warming. . Theyre in trouble, got nowhere else. Thus the molecular weight of atmospheric oxygen or nitrogen is approximately twice that of one of them alone. . (sigh.) It ends with Hurricane Katrina and Boston almost losing the pennant. . I do that below for the case. We recycle everything, drive 2nd-hand cars that get high gas mileage, and even had only one offspring - thus gaining one whole human global lifetime of "carbon credits". . Alec Rawls probably sums up the ipcc corruption best: "What I found interesting in the ipcc report is how blatant the statistical fraud is, omitting the competing explanation from the models completely, while pretending that they are using their models to distinguish between anthropogenic and. By Ka-Kit Tung and Charles.

Pollution and global warming essays

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In the past couple of decades, the world has seen a drastic change in the rise of climate alterations and resource scarcity.This is mainly due to the affects from carbon pollution, greenhouse gases and global warming.

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We didn't cause the recent Global Warming and we cannot stop.Skeptics maintain that the climate change is a natural phenomenon, that man's effect on nature is largely overrated.Any funding grant application today had better have the words "Global Warming" in it somewhere if you want to rise to the top of the pile when the money is handed out. .”