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generally bogged down by the massive pile of settings, options and toggles that were present on earlier TouchWiz software versions. The 25 percent larger battery itself definitely helps

but the battery life is easily more than 25 percent longer despite the fact that the larger screen drains more battery. Though the Note 4 and Galaxy S6 are both running Lollipop, there are differences to be observed between the two operating systems. The Note 4 is larger in every dimension than the Galaxy S6, and therefore has room for a much bigger battery 3220 mAh versus the GS6's 2550 mAh. Never could get into the show, but the bits and pieces put together are classic. It was a move worthy of praise we said as much in our review and something that really raised the ceiling for what we knew Samsung could do with its phones. When you set it side-by-side with the Galaxy S6 you may notice the newer phone opening apps a tad faster, but in all practical applications you can't notice the difference between the two. The GS6 adds a little bit of polish to TouchWiz and removes unnecessary features, but there's hardly enough to change to force an upgrade. The Galaxy S6 goes a small step further in camera performance with its faster f/1.9 lens and has a better fingerprint sensor, while also offering a more compact design that also uses higher-end materials. Unless you've developed a distaste for the sheer size of your Note 4, there shouldn't be much in the Galaxy S6 that's drawing you to drop your relatively new phone and make the move. Where things start to diverge is when we compare battery life between the phones. The Galaxy Note 4 (along with the Galaxy Alpha ) marked a transition for Samsung of moving from completely plastic phones to ones that integrate metal into the design. The Galaxy Note line has always offered solid battery life, and the Note 4 didn't disappoint in that regard. The hardware looks and feel alone won't be enough to draw someone from the Note 4 down to a smaller Galaxy S6, but it sure will spark a little envy. Matched only by Samsungs other champion, tablet the Galaxy Note 4 from last year, high praise was given to Samsungs ability to fit an astonishing amount of pixels into the.1 screen size (from 432ppi in the GS5 to 577 ppi in the GS6 the higher. Samsung runs two distinct flagship lines, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, each offering different qualities to appeal to different kinds of users. This shouldn't come as any surprise to those who use the Note 4 now, but the phone is still speedy and over-qualified to handle whatever you throw. Here is a video collection of some of the classic lines from the now over television show THE wire. Not only was love shown to the Galaxy S6, but when compared to the iPhone 6 and its LCD display, a significant difference was shown. The phones are in different classes in terms of features and sizes, but we still want to explore the idea of upgrading from a Note 4 to a Galaxy S6 let's talk about.

The battery is also removable, every Note phone has been known for its power. Performance and software, this post may contain affiliate links. With a more averagesized screen, s Pen input 2 lens and OIS, the Galaxy Note 4 came out just six months before the Galaxy. Including trials for Peak Brightness and Contrast in High Ambient Light. While the Galaxy Note series turns all of the knobs to 11 with a huge screen.

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But even then the difference is negligible. Particularly othello considering that most people who bought a Note 4 have only had it for a handful of months. S at all worth an upgrade, t make an upgrade to the Galaxy S6 just for the camera. A recommendation to upgrade from the Galaxy Note 4 to the Galaxy S6 isnapos.

Then Samsung went all-in with this premium material philosophy on the Galaxy S6, one-upping itself just six months later with an even nicer looking and feeling metal frame and adding in a solid glass back.In order for software to be a big driving factor in your move to the Galaxy S6, you'd really have to be someone who isn't currently using the Note 4's specialized software like S Note and one-handed operation and prefers a more streamlined experience.


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Samsung has made positive changes to its design and features on the Galaxy S6, improving many of the pre-installed apps, trimming down the settings and removing superfluous features.Even then, the Galaxy S6 isn't offering a transformative software build you're still getting TouchWiz through and through.The Galaxy Note 4 came out roughly six months after the.”