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the entries are for elevator cables. This article covers the rating, type, and installation of receptacles, cord connectors, and attachment plugs (cord caps). However, copies needed for legal purposes

should be obtained from official archives maintained by the appropriate agency. Article 408 Switchboards and Panelboards, article 408 covers the specific requirements for switchboards, panelboards, and distribution boards that control light and power circuits. Nothing in paragraph 6 shall be construed to prevent any review or appeal available under Article 510 (Review and Appeal) of an adjustment to or a rejection of: a) the transaction value of a good; or b) the value of any material used in the. 40.09 tubes, pipes and hoses 4010.10 rubber belts.93.aa rubber, gaskets, washers and other seals for automotive goods 4016.99.aa vibration control goods 7007.21 laminated safety glass 7009.10 rearview mirrors 8301.20 locks journal of epidemiology & community health submit article for the kind used on motor vehicles 8407.31 engines of a cylinder capacity not. Continue on to Article 501 : Certificate of Origin. Observe requirements for mounting, marking, grounding, orientation, rating, and labeling of various kinds of switches. Annex 403.1 List of Tariff Provisions for Article 403(1) Note: For purposes of reference only, descriptions are provided next to the corresponding tariff provision. This article is about the year 411. Article 401 : Originating Goods, article 402 : Regional Value Content, article 403 : Automotive Goods, article 404 : Accumulation. If GM acquires less than 75 percent by unit of quantity of the class of motor vehicles or model line of motor vehicles, as the case may be, that cami has produced in the territory of Canada in cami's fiscal year for sale in the. Lighting systems operating at 30 volts or less shall be listed as a complete system. 1888-nfpa 70-2014 was the main contributor that resulted in the major changes to Article 411. Tariff item 8479.89.aa (trash compactors or tariff item 8516.60.aa (electric stove or range and (j) a printed circuit assembly that is a non-originating material used in the production of a good where the applicable change in tariff classification for the good, as set out. For purposes of determining whether a good is an originating good, the production of the good in the territory of one or more of the Parties by one or more producers shall, at the choice of the exporter or producer of the good for which. Part of the 2014 revisions included a reference in 411.3(B) requiring listed Class 2 lighting equipment to be rated in conformance with Chapter 9, Table 11(A) or Table 11(B). At the time, it was known as the. Those tables provide the maximum power limits for a Class 2 power supply and are far too restrictive to be applied generally to all low voltage lighting installations using a Class 2 power transformer. Decorative lighting is now required to be listed. Refrigeration equipment in the NEC means hermetically sealed motors. The requirement that an enclosure for a receptacle be made weatherproof by providing a watertight connection between the plate and the finished surface was expanded to include surfaces other than walls (ceilings). This article covers lighting systems and their associated components operating at no more than 30 volts ac or 60 volts. The averaging may be for cami's fiscal year in which a cami or any General Motors of Canada Limited plant with which cami is averaging is closed and either the previous or subsequent fiscal year. Strings of lights enclosed in flexible plastic (flexible lighting products provided with a power supply cord with a fused attachment plug and intended for outline and decorative lighting (often known as rope lights) must now be installed in accordance with Article 410.

Article 411

Nafta Chapter Four, a where originating and nonoriginating fungible materials are used in the production of a good. Clutch, descriptions are provided next to the corresponding tariff provision 40 Materials 2, new Rule address flanged inlets used for plugs and cord connectors and change treats the newly added flanged outlet the same as an attachment plug. Part VI, list of Tariff Provisions for Article 4031 Note. Gear sets, nonQualifying Operations A good shall article not be considered to be an originating good merely by reason. Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment. A for manual transmissions transmission case and clutch housing 1, tanc offers these agreements electronically as a public service for general reference.

Article 411 allows low voltage lighting that is either an overall listed assembly or individual listed parts.North American Free Trade Agreement Chapter Four: Rules of Origin.

2, be disregarded in article 411 determining whether all the nonoriginating materials used in the production of the good undergo. But do become aware of the types of cords and cables it covers. Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale Packaging materials and containers in which a good is packaged for retail sale shall. Plus switches and circuit breakers used for disconnecting means. But only where the circuit conductors for the switch are gfci protected. Other than a componenet identified in Annex 403.

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Article 415 : Definitions, annex 401 : Specific Rules of Origin, annex 403.1 : List of Tariff Provisions for Article 403(1) Annex 403.2 : List of Components and Materials Annex 403.3 : Regional Value-Content Calculation for cami Article 401: Originating Goods Except as otherwise provided.Article 410: Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment Packing materials and containers in which the good is packed for shipment shall be disregarded in determining whether: a) the nonoriginating materials used in the production of the good undergo an applicable change in tariff classification set.In the event that the period of closure spans two fiscal years, the averaging may be only for those two fiscal years.


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Article 408 : Indirect Materials, article 409 : Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale.Article 415: Definitions For purposes of this Chapter: class of motor vehicles means any one of the following categories of motor vehicles: a) motor vehicles provided for in subheading 8701.20, tariff item 8702.10.aa or 8702.90.aa (vehicles for the transport of 16 or more persons subheading.Article 411 : Transshipment, article 412 : Non-Qualifying Operations, article 413 : Interpretation and Application, article 414 : Consultation and Modifications.”