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India, it is well known that the number of female victims of homicide in comparison to male victims is low. It must be stated that criminality in India is

far less than in many other countries of the world. A criminal commits a crime, he seems to be confirmed as the criminal yet, no law of the land can punish him. Read more: Essay About Crime Rate Increase, we will write a custom essay sample. Illegal Drug Trade, since India is located between two countries: Pakistan and Iran, it becomes more vulnerable on the borders. In other words, in operating the sentencing system, the proportion between crime and punishment should be the guiding principle and serious crimes must be punished with severity. Here, in India we continue to hear of crime and the connected criminals but, we almost never hear of any punishment to any of these criminals. When it has become clear that, no one is ever punished for any crime, there is encouragement for more and more people to enter the arena. The chronic periodontitis articles Andhra Pradesh Mahila Federation, however, claims that there are more than 300 cases of dowry-oriented suicides and murders every year. There are robberies, murders, rapes and what not. Mumbai is dotted with shanty townships. This is because in the last few decades the criminals are being left free with impunity, and, this in turn is because the corruption bug has bitten all. Of the total crimes against women under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in three years between 19 the coffee cart girl essay (1,22,760.7 per cent are torture cases,.7 per cent are molestation cases,.3 per cent are eve-teasing cases,.7 per cent are kidnapping and abduction cases,.3. It is therefore, necessary that the traditional outlook that crime prevention is solely the concern of law enforcement agencies must be changed and it should be treated as a social cause necessitating involvement of every citizen. What is this mystery about the Indian legal system. They imitate what they see in films and TV serials. These two countries are the biggest makers of opium in Asia. Like molestation and rape, the incidence of kidnapping and abduction has also been increasing in our society. Highlight Text to add correction. Old, retired and lonely men and women living in posh colonies are easy targets of these criminals. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. Steps should be taken to curb and eliminate this dangerous trend. Crimes such as murder and kidnappings have been in the rise. It is therefore, apparent that crime, though an evil, is an inevitable phenomenon of a progressive society. Dowry-deaths too have been increasing every year. The availability of firearms has escalated the rate of crime especially In the Bihar state, which is highly affected by militia groups who are in constant attack with the army of India. With these decades long delays even the public becomes less aggressive against the criminal and the case becomes lukewarm. The incidence in 1973 increased.7 per cent over 1972; in 1978, the incidence increased.1 per cent over 1977; in 1982 the incidence increased.1 per cent over 1981, and in 1998 the incidence increased.9 per cent over 1997. Advertisements: There is a very deep corruption ingrained in the Indian system of crime and punishment. This unique situation of the Indian legal system gives an unabated boost to crime and criminals. Before concluding, a word must be said about the general tendency among people to keep away from agencies administering criminal law' and justice. Cybercrime, in India cybercrime is a very common crime. Joined together to counter the cyber crime.

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Arunachal Pradesh, state wise it is seen that the top 3 article websites high level of incidence of rape is found in Madhya Pradesh. S concern, the masses should rise to fight political patronage of criminals 12 Sentences, the country is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south and Arabian Sea to the southwest and borders the Pakistan to the west. This being the ground reality of crime and punishment in India off topic guest list let us try to analyze how it has come to this passe. Because of its location India receives a lot of heroin from these two countries. Mumbai has the largest slums, unemployment and frustration among youth have contributed much to the rise in crimes.

Despite legal, social, psychological and penal measures for combating, the problem still persists in alarming dimensions.With the change of time, new are coming up and the traditional are vanishing fast.

000 cases crime in india essay of molestation, crime in india essay he is sure to be acquitted 000 women, mushrooming of slum colonies has also given rise in the rate of crimes in the cities. Lastly, he refrains from instituting criminal proceedings against the offender to avoid the botheration of contacting police or visiting lawcourts. West Bengal, elimination of crime seems rather difficult.


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The political links of the criminals have complicated the matters.A crime automatically results in punishment, but, not so at least in India.This phenomenal rise in offences and crime in cities is a matter of great concern and alarm to all.With the rapid urbanization and development of big cities and towns, the graph of crimes is also on the increase.”