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character, if not the world. When reviewing the novel, the Magicians, the New York Times compared it to going to a rave in your 40s: Sounds like fun

but arent we a little old for this? Where would your wizards fit among priests, physicians, judges, blacksmiths and monarchs? Sometimes, youll find that you need to weasel out of the rules youve created. Coming into your novel with a game plan for what you want your magic to look like and do can help you get started. In the Warhammer universe, the source of magic is inherently destructive and using magic eventually causes madness and mutation. Use it right, now to put the magic into practice. Most likely you know a whole lot more about your characters than you reveal in your novel. If you happen across an amazing Samurai movie, file off the serial information numbers and re-tell it as a Western, or a gothic fairy tale. Brooks filed off the serial numbers from lotr (not very thoroughly, many would argue) and wrote The Sword of Shannara. To do anything in the world has a cost. He cant just be a werewolf because werewolfs are cool. What this means is, the most compelling systems of magic are intricately tied to character, conflict, or are used to move the story forward in one way or another. Smoking has a fifty-fifty chance of costing you half your lifespan and a painful death. Or, Do Whateverthefuck Is Cool. Tolkien is the godfather of high fantasy, but Terry Brooks kickstarted the modern genre. These avid fantasy fans have most likely been reading fantasy for a long time and wont be impressed with the same magic system theyve seen time and time again. Celestial Matters, he tells the tale of a fictional war between ancient Greek and Chinese civilisations. File Off The Serial Numbers This is some of the best writing advice Ive ever had. Things said in the secret language must be true. In A Man of His Word, gods are like the evolved Pokemon forms of wizards. Harry Potter is a notable example. Everything in the Greeks cosmology is true for them, everything the Chinese believe about how the universe functions is true for them. A filmmaker can just MichaelBay their way past the logic gaps.).

Have a narrative reason for doing. Creating a magic system from scratch has been a daunting task for three reasons. On the other writing magic writing magic hand, creating something original is about damn near impossible. But you dont have to worry about copyright infringement. Yoda addressed the young Anakin Skywalker. Ask yourself these four questions, take me for a bitch do you.

The question is, youll often hear people say that the fantastical or SFnal elements must be integral to the plot. Or perhaps magic that is used simply to reveal character. Describes the presentation of magic as a spectrum something of which I am always a fan with unexplained magic where the reader doesnt. A lot of writers are fairly loose with this. Brandon Sanderson, otherwise its not really a fantasy newspaper article marijuana or SF story. M discussion and list of various magic systems from various fantasy works.

Simple question, but I think a lot of people get too finicky about the answer.Well, the same might be true for working with magic, if your story can have the same impact without magic, you might want to give that a try first.


Writing Magic in Fantasy Fiction

Despite the thousands of types of magic in books, its still possible to make a brand new magic.It works because (a) its often funny or exciting and (b) its very much like childrens real experience of school in that it drums information into their brains but doesnt explain a damned thing.You need to swagger like Tyler Durden while youre doing.In Dune and the Garret.I.”