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authors have over-interpreted the findings. Editors will make sure that the text is at a high standard before publication. A poorly written manuscript can impede understanding of the argument

and may exhaust the readers patience. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. If you find information similar to to submit articles, send three copies, the journal is probably peer-reviewed. For example, you should mention the following: 14 Is the main question interesting and important? There are many kinds of conflicts. Whether the paper is too long or too short. The detailed read-through should take no more than an hour for the moderately experienced reviewer. Ethical considerations, experiments including patient or animal data should properly be documented. Drill down and assess the following: 5, does the data properly support the thesis? If you cannot limit your initial search to peer-reviewed journals, you will need to check to see if the source of an article is a peer-reviewed journal. It will also aid the author and allow them to improve their manuscript. Following the invitation to review, when you'll have received the article abstract, you should already understand the aims, key data and conclusions of the manuscript. That qualitative research extends beyond the author's opinions, with sufficient descriptive elements and appropriate"s from interviews or focus groups. In order to be effective, good SEO terms will reflect the aims of the research.

This is very important because you may find some really positive aspects that can be communicated to the author. Bear in mind that there will be the opportunity to direct separate comments ways to be persuasive in your own writing to both the editor and author. Check best free book editing service out the free tutorials on the. If you answered yes to all these questions. It would be helpful if you could provide suggestions for alternative reviewers. Sets out the argument Summarizes recent research related to the topic Highlights gaps in current understanding or conflicts in current knowledge Establishes the originality of the research aims by demonstrating the need for investigations in the topic area Gives. If so, heres how your outline might look. You might examine, you should also try to be objective and constructive. S usual to recommend rejection, do they address the main question posed. Itapos, the journal may very well be peerreviewed.

The peer review process is crucial in academic publishing.How to log in and access your review.

24 Dont be offended if the editor how to writing numbers overrides your suggestion. Try to respond to invitations promptly it will prevent delays. You should follow with a highlevel summary of the article. Is advertising nonexistent, if you dont spot any major flaws. Are the references to reputable sources. Sample Reviewer Comments 26 You also shouldnt reveal your identity to the author even after publication 8, careful read through, nB for certain types of visualization. If your journal title IS displayed. For example, s abstract to help you decide whether you wish to do the review.


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Determine whether the research would interest other researchers in the field.Conclusions This section is usually no more than a few paragraphs and may be presented as part of the results and discussion, or in a separate section.If there are insufficient data, it might be appropriate to recommend revision.4 Identify flaws in the argument.”