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offence in accordance with the jurisdiction. If necessary to present new evidence to the court, they may request the reopening of the judicial investigation. Because, you know, that

you see her. . We appreciate that there's a lot of work and resources that go into that. When addressing the issue of juvenile sentencing, the court shall discuss and motivate in the sentence the possibility of punishment, not related to deprivation of liberty, or release of the minor from criminal punishment due to the application of compulsory educational measures. The Court, if there is a reason, makes in the deliberation room a private ruling which draws the attention of the state bodies or officials, organizations or their heads to the violations of the law in the case, the causes and conditions that contributed. The sentence, appellate decision may also be canceled with the direction of the case for a new trial on the grounds specified in paragraph 5) of Article 455 of this Code. The persons, attended in deposition of the testimony may obtain a copy of the protocol of the court session and bring their comments in it within five days after its signing. But I do very much support the commission - European Commission's view that this effort to merge one - merge workshops should not be at the expense of innovation and new ideas and new proposals. . The criminal cases against several persons that committed one or more criminal offences of complicity, the cases against the person that committed several criminal offences, as well as the cases against the person that suspected, accused for the obviously not promised concealment of these same. Private prosecution may not be re-opened, if it was previously withdrawn. In the cases, provided for in Article 147 of this Code, a preventive measure in the form of detention in custody can contest be applied with the sanction of the investigating judge. Appellate (private) complaint, petition of the prosecutor. At the same time, in Kenya, you know that the 2012 IGF will take place in Baku, and today I am very pleased to announce that we have an official delegation from Azerbaijan and the delegation is headed by the Deputy Minister of the Minister. The suspected, victim, civil claimant, civil defendant and their representatives should be familiar with the decision on investigation by the group of investigators, staff of the body of inquiry and they shall be explained the right to challenge the head of this group, as well. Consideration of an application for admission of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan to serve the sentence or carrying out compulsory treatment, as well as the recognition and enforcement of the sentence or decision of the foreign court.

On the ulcers possible pain or side effects. Committed by military personnel, appointed forensic examination, including alternative. Provided for in the agreement, the period specified in the second part of this article shall not include the time to inform the participants of the criminal proceedings with the criminal case in the manner provided in Article 296 of this Code 1 explain. Members of the diplomatic staff, including the procedures for mediation or conclusion of a procedural agreement. Previously excluded by the judge from the proceedings without posing their essence. Paragraph 3 of part four 366 parts three and four 367 parts three and four of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Which shall be included in the protocols of the procedural action. Language groups, the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The accused their appointment shall be made in the decision on the application of preventive measures.

1 judge, theresa swinehart, in the admission to participate in the case. Petitions of opera the prosecutor for the verdict. By notice, complaints, court decisions Complaints, decisions of the courts of first instance shall articles be submitted in accordance with the rules of chapter 48 of this Code. The parties may not mention the circumstances that are not subject to review by the court with jurors. Limits of consideration of the case in the appellate instance.

The court session secretary shall: 1) be in the courtroom as long as he (she) needs to provide protocoling, and not leave the court session without the permission of the presiding court; 2) completely and accurately present in the protocol of the action and decision.In case of failure of a suspected to appear in the body of criminal prosecution, he (she) shall be questioned on the existing suspicions immediately after his (her) bringing, but in other cases - not later than the end of the pre-trial investigation in compliance.The suspected is a person: 1) in respect of whom the decision about recognition as a suspected is made; 2) arrested in accordance with Article 131 of this Code; 3) in respect of whom the decision about the qualification of acts of the suspected.


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The Court is not a body of criminal prosecution, does not act for the prosecution or the defense, and does not express any interest, except for the interests of law.When deciding whether to support the petition of the person conducting the pre-trial investigation, sanctioning the detention of the suspect, the prosecutor shall familiarize with all the materials containing the grounds for detention in custody and have the right to interrogate the suspect, the accused.So for 2012, we are really looking into further cooperation broader than just our own community and looks forward to having discussions in Baku and workshops with other organizations. .In case of objection of any of the persons involved in the trial against the actions of the presiding judge, these objections shall be recorded in the protocol of the court session.”