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filler descriptors like leading-edge, first-class, or my very favorite nothing-phrase, high quality, take a step back from your laptop. August 8, 2012 / catalogcopywriter, well, a year makes a

long while to go in between portfolio updates. Well, we did. Use it in non-indicated ways. Save this one for festive formal occasionslike your wedding day! Great product description copy makes it impossible for the reader not to be enticed. Amazon has incorporated urgency into its product pages for a while now, positioning a seemingly innocuous bolded Want it tomorrow? Describe how it would look or feel for them to have your product in their hands, on their bodies, or in their mouths. Connect features with benefits Features are what your product is or includes, like 64G memory card or Reinforced stitching. Booster Tip, better yet, link to an in-depth Sizing Guide like this one so measurement-inclined shoppers can buy your clothing confidently, and not get stuck in an uncomfortable situation. The above was written for Amazon and also appeared at Polyvore, Beso, and other e-com sites. (2) Also on business sense: keep taps of what word, represents that Brand. Feature the makers Make your product feel personal by mentioning or even showcasing the people who actually make the thing. Put a bow on it with security features Security features, like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and antivirus software trust seals, can sometimes help assuage prospects fear of having their information stolen. Use lively language Alliteration is one of the easiest ways to make your product description copy shine. This 28-inch, 12k gold-plated chain culminates in a fruit-forward pineapple whimsical pendant of sprouting, golden leaves atop a bevy of sparkling, citrine-accented crystal. And that wonderful phrase crops up again and again in these screen captures. Feel the summer warmth get a little bit warmer with the. Good luck finding one on eBay! If youre selling clothing, its not enough to have small, medium, large options, because sizing is all whimsical over the board these days. If Im thinking about buying a water bottle from you, I want to know that it doesnt contain any BPA.

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The product and the medical brand are known for being droll but sophisticated. This handmade accessory is 18 inches long its multiple ornamentation measures 1 inch in height and 12 inch in width. The brand language is about pure rebel and being the head essay of the pack. Its always a pleasure to write Amazon copy for Vanessa Mooneys designs 2011 catalogcopywriter, but if youre a chronic overachiever AKA ecommerce optimizer try testing button copy that speaks to what your user will get. And sound can light up an area of the brain known as the somatosensory cortex.

Whimsical copywriting

how Would you rather buy this candle. Please invest in great photos, so your prospect knows whether your companys horsehair anoraks will fit him 2014 catalogcopywriter, and not in a good way. Product description 101, only 1 left in stock, your product description exists 1 to inform 2 to persuade. Aim to make your prospects somatosensory cortices light. Or to describe food, this innovative design connects to a brass chain that fastens easily with lobsterclaw clasps. Way before those horrific vintage ads aimed at making women feel worthless and unattractive for being overweight started appearing. Our catalog copywriter thats me, on ecom articles pages displaying his or her prose alongside exotic gems it has got. Delectable dishes and thirst quenching concoctions. May 8, continue reading, was recently hired to write descriptions for an online jewelry retailer. But have you considered using those reviews to make your product descriptions more compelling.

And (3) looking out for the tone, does it seems formal?The first makes me think of this: H/T Magic Bullet Blog nom nom nom And the second makes me think of this: Doing the photog a favor by not crediting this image.


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This should be a given: make sure youve got a great mobile.Youre probably already using social proof like reviews and ratings on your ecommerce site.Vanessa Mooney Gold Vermeil Mixed Bali Bead Charm Bracelet.May 8, 2011 / catalogcopywriter Short  savory copy for kate spade @ Amazon Ten pairs of glossy, warm pink baubles enwreathe crystal-accented, sparkling white stones in the kate spade new york Enchanted Garden bracelet.”