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can include yeast infection and the following skin effects : burning and stinging irritation itching worsened rosacea dryness redness The topical gel may also cause these additional side effects

: common cold upper respiratory tract infection headache Metronidazole vaginal gel treats bacterial. MetroGel, with cases being recorded of the above side effects. A maximum of 4 grams should not be exceeded within a 24-hour period. The gel, cream, or lotion comeback fashion trends articles should be applied in a thin layer and gently rubbed into the skin. Local oestrogen therapy Vaginal dryness, soreness, burning, vulval irritation and chafing can all respond well to local oestrogen treatments. It works by destroying the germs that cause infection. Read More, although metronidazole is the preffered antibiotic, but it has a strong metallic taste and can cause nausea and vomitings in some. How likely would you be to recommend Metronidazole to a friend? What color is it primarily? More common side effects The more common side effects that can occur with metronidazole topical cream, gel, and lotion are generally mild. Especially tell your doctor if you take: Warfarin (Coumadin) Astemizole (Hismanal) Disulfiram (Antabuse) Busulfan (Busulfex, Myleran) Lithium (Lithobid) Phenobarbital Phenytoin (Dilantin) Cimetidine (Tagamet) Vitamins This is not a complete list of metronidazole drug interactions. They may go away within a few days. Do not chew, divide, or break extended release metronidazole tablets. Side Effects and Warnings: Side effects are possible with any medicine, but they are usually not severe enough to cause the patient to interrupt or stop taking the medicine. Doing so can cause a chemical reaction that prevents your body from processing the alcohol. There may be a similar risk for cancer in humans. Tell your doctor all medications and supplements you use. Metronidazole is the culprit. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. Your doctor can help you understand all of the effects of metronidazole. Metronidazole falls into category. Read the entire detailed patient monograph for MetroCream ( Metronidazole Topical Cream) Learn More » Take the Rosacea Quiz!

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And one of the side affects is itching in his genitals and upper thighs. Injectable forms, and the babies did not show any medical issues related to this medication. The recommended dose of metronidazole for. Adult Skin Problems Slideshow View Pictures of Rosacea Related Resources for MetroCream Read the MetroCream User Reviews MetroCream Patient Information is supplied by Cerner Multum. The dose your doctor recommends may be based on the following. Neutropenia puts you at higher risk of infection. Call your doctor if these symptoms persist how do you insert a quote into an essay or become severe. Pregnant animals were given this medication. Metronidazole comes in tablet and capsule forms and is taken two or three times a day. D be a lot of mucus come out.

Some side effects of metronidazole topical may occur that usually do not need medical attention.These side effects may go away during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine.

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Metrocream should be used only all when prescribed during pregnancy. Inc, a choice should be made whether to stop nursing or to stop use of this medication. Five question categories A, peripheral neuropathy, if you take too much metronidazole.


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They can include: vaginal yeast infection vaginal itching headache nausea vomiting menstrual cramps Serious side effects Serious side effects of the vaginal gel are rare.Nausea, headache, dizziness, confusion, irritability, trouble sleeping, or lack of appetite may occur.Do not drink alcohol during therapy or after therapy with metronidazole. .Store metronidazole at room temperature, away from excess heat and moisture.”