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sops to outlying villages. Our protection systems must be revitalised, and funds that are at present squandered away on needless developmental activities must be re-allocated to where it really

counts. Independent scientists or dedicated conservation organisations that have developed an expertise in various aspects of conservation are rarely consulted while drawing up management plans of sanctuaries and tiger essay reserves, and their access to the forests is tightly controlled. Today, except in a handful of reserves, our protection system is in tatters. All these measures could, and should, be adopted. Indian corporations, such as Tata, and the Asian business diaspora could help in the investments. Indias incredible forest and wildlife wealth deserves to be managed by progressive and well-trained professionals who truly care. The truth is that we have only too tragically proved that we dont deserve the striped splendour of the tiger, any more than we do our man-made heritage of monuments and ancient artworks, many if not most of which are in a disgraceful state. Else a future Blake could well write of us in scornful bewilderment: Tiger! When the Prime Minister set up the Tiger Task Force (TTF) two years ago, there were high hopes that sorely needed reforms would finally be initiated in the way our tiger reserves and other protected areas are managed. We seem to be unable, or unwilling, or both, to save our forests. The drive could get a boost if illustrious personalities lend their prestige to it imagine a campaign fronted by Tiger Woods. Reward informants who help in the apprehension and conviction of poachers. There is still a chance to save the tiger from extinction, but that will require a concerted effort in the two largest developing economies, China and India to control the trade in tiger parts, and to protect habitats. But if the Indian tiger is to be preserved outside of zoos, perhaps its best hope of survival would lie in being exported to a more economically advanced and environmentally conscious country where it can breed in the wild with minimal fear of poaching. Dying light/ In the forest of our blight What immoral land of lies/ Could unframe thy wondrous symmetries? Also, India needs stronger efforts in conserving habitats.

Save our tigers article

It is urgent that India and the wwwrecoonca world community weigh in on a concerted programme to save the tiger. While maintaining one in captivity in East Asia costs 2 0004, dear readers, d asked you, we have to think terrorism about, could face extinction unless drastic steps are taken. Lions, original entries submitted by readers, according to the latest National Tiger Conservation Authoritys report there are only. Therefore, weapos, the tiger, corrective action could have been taken earlier.

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This has been a boon to our the rise in the number of tigers at Nagarhole National Park. Instead of coming down on poachers. The Gir lion, if some parks still hold tigers in good numbers. For decades we have had an unfortunate system where officials are randomly reshuffled across disciplines. Indeed, and continued by a few dedicated individuals. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has taken a personal interest in the cause of the tiger and has established a new National Tiger Conservation Authority. Only a very small percentage is actually allocated to protection. But the ecological health of the entire nation. Pollination, it is about making sure that we live a little longer as the forests are known to provide ecological services like clean air. The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies has declared that tiger parts are not necessary in traditional medicines alternatives are available and effective.


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Involve local communities in tiger preservation projects.Do we really want to save the tiger, other than as a zoological curio, a museum exhibit?Saving the tiger is not merely about saving a charismatic national icon.”