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PhD theses which had an interesting range of recommendations not directly related to the students study findings. Select a subject to preview related courses: There are generally two ways

of organizing a recommendation report. Consider recommendations go one step further than conculsions as (a) something; (b) someone; and (c) needs. Background, luis will also want to include any relevant background information that the reader will need to know to make sense of the report. For example, he might say that he's comparing the cost of the machines, the amount of RAM, the screen size, and. As noted above, remember that you can also have several recommendations related to one conclusion (or vice versa). Content, luis needs to write a recommendation report for his CEO, letting the CEO know which type of computer Luis thinks would be best for the company to buy. For example, if he eliminated a couple of computers because they are not offered by the company's preferred vendor, Luis can explain that here. If you have time and opportunity, show it to your instructor to revise. For instance, you can start with your rationale and then move on to the actual recommendation, or the other way around. X is the cheapest, but computer, y has the most RAM. Were interested to know your thoughts on this and to hear your experiences of advising postgraduate students when writing their recommendations. You can present your recommendations in different ways. If any of your research questions were in the form of an advice question, you definitely have to provide recommendations as your client wants to know what specific actions to take. Examiners like to see some more mundane recommendations that come specifically from the thesis / research work. First, you should not really recommend anything that you have not previously discussed in the Discussion. It's up to Luis to decide whether to mention the specific computers he will be comparing, but he at least needs to mention that he's comparing computers. If he has decided not to consider any computers because of something that was not mentioned in the requirements section, he will need to explain why in this section, as well. Managers in local government need to consider the mental well-bing of their staff or recommendation for (d) training / education (e.g.

Almanacs, newspapers, vertical Files, sharon pollock's blood relations essay the executive summary organization, this section can be omitted if your client has not defined any preconditions. And ending with the recommendation section. A central point of your research paper.

A recommendation for a preferred alternative should include: Specifically stating what should be done, the steps required to implement the policy.Discussion of the benefits to the organization and what problems would be corrected or avoided; Discussion of the feasibility of the proposed.Recommendation in, research, paper.

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Background information, and, finally, the recommendation, conclusions. To achieve supreme excellence or perfection in anything you. Options, weapos, e Example of a supported recommendation, does the CEO of his company really have time topics to read through the entire report. In your dissertation, you need more than just the knowledge.

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Why do you believe this is the case?Let us know what you think by adding a comment.The executive summary organization of a recommendation report is formatted differently from the traditional format.”