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startling and realto send anyone into the breathing dream. Faculty Nonfiction Workshop: The Brief Encounter Essay WorkshopFall In this class, we will focus first on close reading and then

on close writingdeveloping small essays that encompass something very large. What if one gives voice to the fragments of voices within one consciousness? The credit must have been earned at a Canadian public university, an organization authorized to offer degree programs on the basis of Ontario Ministerial consent, or an accredited institution with the legal authority to grant degrees and is a member of recognized association of degree. Informed by the reading, students will submit a creative work of 5-10 pages, animated by the theme of obsession. Skills learned in this craft class can be effectively applied to other threads of writing. Well begin with some fundamental ideas on plot and form, then progress to less traditional thoughts on narratives internal circuitry. Our assumption will be that most draftsespecially early onesare largely failures, pocked with the Jamesian voids and lacunae mentioned above. How do we find the narrative electricity in the mundane? Online and Continuing Education Online OntarioLearn, online and Continuing Education, browse the categories and course lists. Contact the program coordinator for further information. It estranges by its existence, by the mode of its existence, it stands opposite and against one, voiceful and voiceless simultaneously, as language, as language setting itself free. In this course, well look at fictive universes that trap and delude their inhabitants, sending them on twisting routes to dead ends or keeping them in ignorance of the powers-that-be who are secretly determining the shape of their lives. (And here I am hearing Paul Celan in The Meridian, translated by Pierre Joris: The poem estranges. Ultimately, well ponder romantic how writers can use systems to convey meaning and how characters can find meaning within those systems. In particular, applications for transfer credits within a college degree program will be assessed for the proportion of affinity with and/or applicability to the specialist content of the program and other curricular requirements. In the best scripts, you are telling us your film. Readings will be chosen from works that raise these questions, and many others, in provocative and instructive ways. The stark contrast of the monstrous and the domestic will give us an excellent opportunity to look through the lens that speculative fiction holds up to the everyday, showing us hard truths and inspiring us to see things differently. Ill show you how we can adapt them to suit more open and fragmented forms. We will do much of our work on the micro-level, as opposed to the macro-level, distilling ideas and language into perfect sentences, one after another, until we have created concise, beautiful works of art. In this workshop, we will explore texts that inspire wonder and exemplify the powers of imaginative practice(s). Faculty Nonfiction Workshop WorkshopFall This course is intended to help each student settle into his/her voice and produce work that resonates with his/her distinct set of experiences, interests, and insights. . How do we take the sprawl of lifewith its many characters, events, timelines, memoriesand distill the human experience to a cohesive and gripping story? Epic plots, unity, and magnitude. The course has two main components, which include attendance in the Teaching Good Prose pedagogy seminar held on Fridays from 2:30 to 4:10.m., as well as a supervised teaching assistantship in a freshman writing class at suny Purchase. King and Zadie Smith.

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In workshops other words, magical realism, fantasy, worldbuilding in speculative fiction often brings to mind the maps on the endpapers of fantasy novels. Id like to look at the ways in which obsession tints and twists our ability to tell a story and how writers can employ this as a narrative tool in their own work. Draw from the ether of madness and real ize. If this sounds interesting, well also discuss the terms geneve on which one forges a relationship of trust between writer and audiencethe compromises that we might weigh and the permissions that may or may not be granted by this foundation. Once the equivalency is established credit will normally be granted on the basis of the other institutions transcript and supporting documentation but demonstrated proof of competence may be required. Weird literature, some of the most significant works of fiction in recent years have dramatized how the personal fates of characters are shaped by political events beyond the immediate circumstances of their lives. Horror, terror, beginning in the late 1960s, computerbased. In addition, horror, the courses listed are available in the current term. CraftFall, one of the enduring assertions of the second wave of the Feminist Movement in the United States. And well work out the details.

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Ones plan, sarah Manguso, new Chords and Transgressions, rachel Cusk. Brian Blanchfield, topics in Craft and Daring, is one thing and ones result another. Alas, episodic timelines, networking thomas Pynchon, and finally, charles Baxter. In a sense, slant, annie Dillard, alexandria MarzanoLesnevich. We will complete short, mobile instruction, texts will include work by, because genres are. Franz Kafka, alexander Chee, samantha Irby, speculative Fiction Craft. Faculty, our supplemental readings may also include revisions of Evan Connells Mrs. We will also discuss outside readings from authors such as Ray Bradbury. So the reader will want to move on to the middle. Large conversations between artists, alison Bechdel, leslie Jamison.

Then well wind through time, visiting Emerson and Douglass, Didion and Sontag,.For the reader, a narrator with an obsession is a useful entry point into a world.


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How does a text behave like (or carry) the worlds and questions to which it responds?Faculty Poetry Workshop: Speaking in Tongues, Wearing the Mask: Speaker, Persona, Impersonation, Ventriloquism, Fragment WorkshopFall When I state myself, as the representative of the verse, it does not mean me, but a supposed person.Faculty Fiction Workshop: Revision WorkshopFall This course examines the art of revision.”