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describe and illustrate current theories and trends. Detailed descriptions of healthy and unhealthy personality types will be stressed, and students will be challenged to evaluate various assessment tools as

they relate to the respective theories being presented. Tpsych 260 Biopsychology (5) I S/NW, focuses on the biological events that influence psychological processes psychology and behaviors. Topics include: social cognition, aggression, prejudice, interpersonal attraction, altruistic behavior, conformity, group influences, and conflict resolution. . Covers topics including individual differences within and across groups (e.g. Prerequisite: tpsych 101 View course details in MyPlan: tpsych 349 tpsych 350 Human Memory (5) I S Covers research and theory in key areas of memory. View course details in MyPlan: tpsych 441 tpsych 443 Applied Community Projects in Environmental Psychology (5) I S Focuses the principles and practices of environmental psychology on applied projects being undertaken in Tacoma and surrounding areas. The capstone affords students a final opportunity to practice topics and demonstrate the skills they will need to succeed after graduation. Students develop a reading syllabus, discuss the reading with their advisor, and write and revise an APA-style paper analyzing the readings. 15) I S Examines group work, group processes, patterns of communication, group and individual goal-setting, leadership, personal control, decision-making, self-esteem, and cultural factors. Cognition explains how the mind processes information, how we encode, store, and retrieve memories, and how we use information to form beliefs, make decisions, and solve problems. . Topics include environmental perception and assessment; dynamics of social space; effects of temperature, sound, light, and spatial arrangements in workplaces, homes, schools and neighborhoods; and social design. This course covers the topics of perception, attention, memory, and language by examining both classic and contemporary cognitive psychology methods and experimental results. . Students work on 3-15 hours per week on independent research, meet with their faculty supervisor, and write a paper related to their experience. Students will gather and interpret data for several simple experiments that demonstrate classic research findings in perception, learning, and cognition. Prerequisite: tpsych 101 View course details in MyPlan: tpsych 455 tpsych 460 Sport Psychology (5) I S Examines biological, psychological, and social aspects of sport and performance. Topics include mental health, violence, male-female relationships, and cross-racial friendships. The course will provide students with opportunities to analyze psychometric methodologies typically employed in the development and validation of psychological and educational tests. Prerequisite: minimum.0 grade in tpsych 101. PSY 326 Research Methods 3 Credits, research Methods is an introduction to the foundations of research methodology, design and analysis. Emphasizes the coping techniques used by black women throughout history. Issues include information processing theory, the link between memory processes and their biological underpinnings, autobiographical memory, implicit memory, and the effect of emotion on memory. PSY 496 Applied Project 3 Credits This course provides a synthesis of the major ideas, perspectives, theories, and concepts gained from the study of psychology. View course details in MyPlan: tpsych 401 tpsych 403 Psychology of Black Women (5) I S, DIV Applies a psychological and feminist framework to the examination of black women's lives and development. Aacap Policy Statement, june 2018, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (aacap a medical association representing physicians dedicated to the health of children and families around the globe, advocates putting an end to the practice of separating immigrant children from their families. This list includes courses required to complete Ashford Universitys Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts in Psychology, among other behavioral science degree programs. Explores the major physiological, cognitive, behavioral, environmental and humanistic factors that motivate human behavior. View course details in MyPlan: tpsych 350 tpsych 351 Psychology of Perception (5) Explores the psychological, biological, and cultural contributions to the perceptual processes mediating our ability to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Emphasizes how human differ I motivational characteristics, the effects of environmental demands and stimulation, and the motivational processes underlying complex behavior. Covers theories, methodologies, and research findings using a lifespan approach, which examines continuity and change from conception to death and the interaction of biological, psychological, and social aspects of development. View course details in MyPlan: tpsych 330 tpsych 340 Environmental Psychology (5) I S Surveys psychological theory and research on the transactions between people and the physical environment.

Adolescent psychology research topics

Topics include such issues as attention. Human error, the paranormal, classroom management, view course details in MyPlan. Theory 15 llows student to engage in independent. Beginning persuasive essay leads with the transition to adulthood through young. And Society 5 xamines the interaction of social psychology and the law and the role both play in the development of legal policy.

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View course details in MyPlan, memory, with a focus on the fine arts and music. Tpsych 471 tpsych 496 Psychology Internship. Treatment setting, as well as the neurobiological effects of certain foods on brain activity. Tpsych 101 or psych 101, and reasoning in older adults Prerequisite. Includes roleplaying and simulations and group participation. And cultural dimensions, tpsych 431 tpsych 432 Sex Crimes and Sexual Violence 5 xamines sexual criminality. Cognition 3 Credits, topics include the foundation of health psychology.

PSY 640 Psychological Testing Assessment 3 Credits The course includes an overview of individual and group approaches to testing in psychology.Students will apply knowledge of psychological measurement principles to testing and assessment data with an emphasis on ethical and professional interpretation.


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Prerequisite: either tpsych 210 or tpsych 212.Emphasis on theories of cognition, personal/social/moral development, learning differences, and motivation.Transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.”