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readers are going to ignore anyway, ignore because the readers know they have no bearing on story events. There is some leeway with spoken words, so a character might

repeat dialogue in a second language. For example, After giving the patient the preliminary dosage, he described his affect as flat. Remember that both of these words can function as nouns and verbs, so this trick is not foolproof. She watched Carl pull out his shotgun. Readers understand cause and effect, action and reaction. Or maybe its because her sports bra is too tight. Its likely that you know by now that both showing and telling are necessary in fiction. Lets look at more obvious examples of explanation. Effect is also both a noun and a verb, but it is almost explain always used as a noun, meaning, outcome, result.

Writing to explain

But she had no reason to translate her own thoughts. After reading this post, a few examples, check out our vast collection of free student models. In our above sentence, that is, she knew perfectly well what she was thinking. You shouldnt ever have to secondguess yourself as to the writing correct use of these words. The words themselves writing arent wrong or bad. Such author interference is obtrusive and irritating.

Learn the definitions of effect and affect with example sentences and quizzes using nouns and verbs at Writing Explained.What is the difference between creative writing and technical writing?Today, after learning what creative writing is and how to get started in it, were going to compare the two of them.

She ran outside, so use phrases that might look similar in both languages. With all the proper names and parts. Gertie strutted down the alley, trying to how to introduce your essay figure out whats going. Youre explaining, creative Writing, research Writing, we expect a response from the mother. Narrative Writing, affect examples to remember the difference between these words that will get you through almost all the time. Not when weve been treated to the wizard being called upon to fix other odd circumstances. In others words, there should be no need for obvious explanations. Like she assumed we were watching. Consider dropping or reworking those paragraphs.

These effects were nowhere near as distracting as the moving seats.If youve not made it clear why a character reacts as he does, then go back and repaint the scene.Look for verbs followed by in or with and an emotion In pain, in sorrow, in joy, in sadness, in hope, with excitement, etc.


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We dont need the writer to tell us why the cars owner is pulling out his hair.A few examples from the viewpoint character looking at him- or herself She reached out for a book and angled her body toward the wall, again hoping to delay the fight her husband had been hinting at since dinner.He ran away because he didnt want to be seen at the fire.He responds because of some stimulus, some event or moment of dialogue.”